Art Packs

TypeDescriptionPrice excl. Tax
ASadvanced sketch with one simple color~60€
LSPloot pack with 5 shaded sketches~135€
LSP-Vinteresting variations of LSP~110-150€
Titraditional ink with one water color~85€
TCtraditional Ink with full water color~140€
ICOa Icon in traditional colors, fully digitalized in transparent png~95€
DC1flat digital colorN/A
DC2-Gadvanced digital color by my partner glasmond~140€
UP1any kind of upgrade of a previous commission~25€
UP2-Gmany amazing upgrade possibilities by my partner glasmond~95€
Specialfor a commission project outside these types please contact meN/A


Extrasdetailed clothes, extra items, extra background, full body, composition for groups, graphic design, etc.~15-100€
Editinghigh quality digitalization + editing for traditional pieces (recommended)~20-70€
Character Designif no references are available at all, or if you want me to design you a new character. contact me with more input for more precise offer~20-350€
Personal Livestreami'll do a livestream just for you, where I can draw everything you want. it's a great present idea, too. starts at 3h and can run up to 6h85€/h
Printsdifferent printing options, from artprints to stickers~7-20€
SpecialHave more ideas and options! We can do special commissions for you.N/A
Licensesmall distribution license (printing on less than 100 objects + posting on commercial pages)99€
Licensefull commercial exclusive license (full exclusive rights, I am not allowed to post the work, can be sold an marketed to your wishes)500€-N/A
Shippinginsurant/tracked international8€
Shippinginsurant/tracked germany5€

Please Note:
Prices are without taxes (currently 7%)
Individual combinations are possible.
If you're ordering the first time, please read this first
Patrons get up to 30% discount! Find more info on patreon.com/Schpog.
These prices are for private use only. For commercial use, please check “Please Read”.

Commissions In-Stream:CLOSED
Commissions out of streams:CLOSED

(Out of stream commissions start at 120€. Check instructions for more info.)


[MAY, 2022] We can't stream currently. We will inform you here and on our social media (Twitter, Instagram, Patreon) when we will be able to stream again.

Current Discount campaigns:

Up to 30% off when you support me on Patreon!
35% off when you order one of our own characters!
(20% (or +5% to your usual discount) when it's together with one of your characters)

Livestream Info

📺 Twitch (SFW): Every Tuesday 5PM CET
📺 Picarto (NSFW & Preg): Every Friday 5PM CET
📺 Extra Picarto (NSFW): Every first Saturday of the month 8PM CET
Early Birds get a chance for free requests.


Advanced Sketch

My low-price offer! A simple digital colorized sketch! Perfect if you can’t afford much or if you want something quick. If you like the outcome a lot there is the possibility to upgrade your commission at a later point with UP1.

DescriptionEst. Price excl. Tax
1 character~60€
↪ +1 character+25€
↪ extras like very detailed outfits or extra items+~15€
drawing a character based on text only+30€
drawing a character with only partial references (like a picture of a haircut and clothing and bodytype)+20€

Examples & Inspirations


Loot Sketch Pack

formerly known as AS2

Best value and my favorite commission type! It's like a sketch surprise box. This is like AS x 5, but instead of 300€ you only pay 135€! Great choice if you prefer character, dynamics and interaction! You get 5 character instances of one or multiple characters. They can interact, if you want.You could ask for specific scenes / poses, but I really like when you allow your character to inspire me!

DescriptionEst. Price excl. Tax
sketch pack sheet, 5 instances135€
↪ every extra instance+15€
↪ one extra color key (piece of clothing, skin, hair, etc. a different color)+15€
drawing a character based on text only+30€
drawing a character with only partial references (like a picture of a haircut and clothing and bodytype)+20€

Glasmond Shading Variation: 150€

No Shading, only negative space color & texture: 110€

“Fantasy” Sketch version, very sketchy and with old paper texture: 125€


Loot Sketch Pack Variant

formerly known as AS2V

If you’re going for a certain style, want a big color version or if you’re trying to save money, here are some other variations.

NSno shading, only negative space color & texture110€
FAN“fantasy” sketch version, very sketchy and with old paper texture125€
GSglasmond shading variation150€
DCGfull digital color & mood by glasmond350€

Depicted prices are without tax.


Traditional Ink

Clean traditional ink with one key color as background, shading or in clothing. A sketch will be provided before inking! Perfect option for a classy look.
Original will be around 20-30cm big.
📦 Shipping possible!

DescriptionEst. Price excl. Tax
1 character~85€
↪ +1 character+35€
old parchment texturefree!
drawing a character based on text only+30€
drawing a character with only partial references (like a picture of a haircut and clothing and bodytype)+20€
optional shipping+8€


Traditional Advanced Water Color + Ink

formerly known as TC2

A traditional dreamy option for those who value physical originals or watercolors! A sketch will provided before inking / coloring. The estimated price is just for one simple character without any background - please contact me for a no obligation quote for your individual piece.
Original will be around 20-30cm big.
📦 Shipping possible!

DescriptionEst. Price excl. Tax
1 character~140€
↪ +1 character+70€
↪ extras like background, foreground, items, composing, very detailed outfit+~30-100€
↪ high quality digitalization + editing for traditional pieces (recommended)+~20-70€
drawing a character based on text only+30€
drawing a character with only partial references (like a picture of a haircut and clothing and bodytype)+20€
↪ adding a simple colored pattern background (it's for free if you take the editing)+15€
optional shipping+8€

Editing Example

Price Calculation Example

1 character standard price140€
background + Items+45€
digitalization + editing+40€

Examples & Inspirations


personalized Icon

formerly known as ICO1

A Icon with traditional colors, fully digitalized in transparent PNG. Please specify if you want everything inside the border (Twitter/Dicsord PFP), or if it’s okay for the character to overlap the border. Original will be around 8cm big.📦 Shipping possible!

DescriptionEst. Price excl. Tax
1 character95€
↪ extra character or Item+35€
↪ special border+15€
↪ adding text (digital only, won't be on the traditional piece)+20€
turn it into handcut stickers (6-12)+18€
↪ sparkling foil on stickers+7€
international shipping+8€


Digital Full Color

Not offering this at the moment!

DescriptionEst. Price excl. Tax
1 character very simple flat colors~100€
1 character advanced colors~120€
↪ extra character+50€
↪ extras like background, foreground, items, composing, very detailed outfit+15-80€
drawing a character based on text only+30€
drawing a character with only partial references (like a picture of a haircut and clothing and bodytype)+20€


Digital Atmospheric Full Color by Glasmond

This is an extra collaboration special with my sketch and my partner Glasmond's coloration in close collusion. Digital only, advanced coloration as shown.
Best choice if you want vibrant colors and a lot of atmosphere, or when you want a specific style displayed! Glasmond can imitate a Variety of styles.

DescriptionPrice excl. Tax
1 character~140€
↪ +1 character+70€
↪ extras like background, foreground, items, composing, very detailed outfit~+20-100€
drawing a character based on text only+30€
drawing a character with only partial references (like a picture of a haircut and clothing and bodytype)+20€

Price Calculation Example

1 character standard price140€
1 extra characters+70€
composition, blurry background, fire, light & shadow+60€

Price Calculation Example

1 character standard price140€
full character design based on some customers preferences60€
"owl house" Style imitationfree

Editing Example


Upgrade of a previous commission

An upgrade of an old commission or a sketch of mine you like. You can upgrade to most commissions types. This is currently only partially available. Contact me for more info.

DescriptionEst. Price excl. Tax
upgrade to AS (one color shading)~25€
↪ each extra character on the picture+5€
upgrade to DC1 flat~65€
↪ each extra character on the picture+20€
upgrade to DC1 more advanced~85€
↪ each extra character on the picture+30€
adding a new additional character to a sketch+20€


Upgrades by Glasmond

An upgrade of an old commission of yours, a sketch of mine you like or even your own artwork, but colored by my partner Glasmond. Her digital skills are far more polished than mine and she's amazing at creating mood and atmosphere.She can even upgrade a piece of yours.Little changes like a different belly size or alike included.

DescriptionEst. Price excl. Tax
cleanup & polishing only35€
atmospheric shadows, light & mood only upgrade (no color)~45€
surprise upgrade60€
upgrade from sketch or AS1 to DC2-G~95€
↪ + each extra character on the picture+40€
↪ + simple atmospheric blurry background+25€
digitalization & high quality editing of my traditional art20-70€
LSP upgrade flat rate250€
redlining & some tips for one of your art pieces30€

Upgrade Example

Price Calculation Examples

colors and shading70€
adding ackground & hatching texture35€
style research + editing40€

1 character surprise upgrade60€
cleanup, redraw of some lines, shading, mood, texture70€

painty/messy color and atmospheric shading80€

redlining & some tips for one of your art pieces30€


Artprints, Canvases, Stickers & More

I can do high quality prints of your commission, handcut cards, canvases, handcut sticker and glitterfoil these options!

artprinthigh quality paper print of your commission, ~A4 (bigger sizes are possible but cost more in shipping)7€
canvasa real canvas print of your commission. Not the best quality, but looks amazing in bigger sizes20€-200€
stickera sticker of your commission! how cool’s that? you get 6-12 stickers (depending on size). additional costs may incur when the picture has to be edited18€
glitter foilgoes great with sticker, but you can also use it for cards for example. You can choose from 10 different foils~7€/A4
ship internationalinsurant international (excl. canvas or prints bigger than A4)8€
ship germanyinsurant germany (excl. canvas or prints bigger than A4)5€
ship oversizefor canvas and everything bigger than A4contact

Exclusive Livestream

Livestream just for you (A/o your friends)

Great if you want to treat yourself, have no specific idea what you want or as a digital party idea for you and your friends.I'll be at your service for whatever drawing type you want. Albeit a character design, drawing your favorite characters in every scenario you wish for, traditional color, sketches or treating your friends to get all their requests done.This is also a good solution if my regular livestreams are outside your availability.I can stream on my regular accounts on Twitch (SFW) or Picarto (NSFW). If needed, I can turn on my mic a/o play your spotify requests. My partner Rose/Glasmond will mod the chat to your wishes and help our communication.This offer starts at 3h and can go up to 7h.I can stream every day except Wednesday and Friday 5PM CET-12AM CET.Digitalizing and sharing everything that has been drawn with you included.

hourly rates, will be charged every starting half hour85€


First set of examples: complete design sheet, Second set: Design Sheet Special

Character design options

for every occasion

If you either don't have any visual references for your character or want a full-fleged character design by me, here are your options.I recommend greatly to get character designs in my livestreams, as you can influence my drawings directly.If you buy this outside my livestreams I'll offer sketches before coloring.

DescriptionEst. Price excl. Tax
wildcard (I will think of a pose and style and maybe additional coloring ideas, depending on what you paid)+0
drawing a character based on text only+30€
drawing a character with partial references (like a picture of a haircut and clothing and bodytype)+20€
complete design sheet (3 full body perspectives) either in traditional or digital color310€
complete design sheet (3 perspectives) clean sketches only135€
design sheet special (2 flat color pics + three mood sketches + template)245€
(outside livestream) one set of changes for free, every additional change+25€
designing a character/adoptable for you (AS) (you get the rights)100€
designing a character/adoptable for you (AS with flat colors) (you get the rights)160€

"Such a wonderful experience I've had here on Patreon. Frankly, the most organized, rewarding, visually pleasing page on the platform. I've felt the most welcome here, and Glasmond and Schpog are absolutely wonderful people, with so much talent.🔥🔥🔥The schedule for every post is very consistent, and the art always just adorable! The one thing I find myself looking forward to every single week day is what these two have in store! And the tiers are concise and all very reasonable and rewarding.🤩😍🤩😍When I first found Schpog's are, I was enchanted, and when I found out about their patreon, and the other art they did, I knew I needed to support these two... And I was not disappointed, my expectations were blown out of the water!!💖A very welcoming, comfortable, and just beautiful experience, I can't wait to see what's next, and would love to know that these two are getting more support.
Honestly the most worth it subscription of patreon!🥰🥰❤️"
- GCurve

"Supporting Schpog on Patreon is super easy! In my tier, I get updates throughout the week with new posts, and they are tagged accordingly in case you need a specific pick-me-up to get you through your day- believe me there is no shortage of content! Plus, it feels good to support amazing artists!"- Anonymous

"Since joining their Patreon, I have yet to be disappointed with Schpog or Glasmond. They are very professional and they update more frequently then any other patreon account I currently support. They have a very reliable schedule that is adhered to and are extremely pleasant to talk to or work with. I would highly recommend them to anyone considering supporting them and their wonderful art."- Anonymous

"I discovered the work of Shpog and Rose many years ago, before the Patreon, with the sensual, cute and romantic photoshoot they organized. The agencement and the light where perfect, making my heart to melt.Today, as a Patreon, my heart is still melting by watching at their art. Cuteness overload every single piece of paper they write and colour on. Stories are very nice too. The quantity is here, so much I sometimes can't follow the rythm.Their work is so beautiful it decorate my wall. Come by their shop if you're curious, their print is magical, to the point of completely changing as the sun rise and down throught the day. Even as freelance artists, their customer service is 100% present and considerate.If you're already conquered by their work, you'll regret nothing by suscribing. Trust me, Shpog and Rose deserve it.Cordially"- Pie

"100% recommend Schpog's patreon account! Professional presentation, seemingly endless content delivered weekly, and generous discounts! Come for the amazing traditional artwork and stay for the warm hospitality that both Schpog and Rose deliver! Support more people like this who make the world a more welcoming place to live in!"- Gemswilde

"This is one of the best deals on Patreon - for only a $5 charge every month I get multiple emails a week letting me know there's wonderful new art or stories to enjoy! "- Jackson O

"If you choose to follow anyone on Patreon Schpog is one of the best choices. Artwork is beautiful and updates consistently. with good rewards such as discounts that can be use for commissions at prices that are already affordable. From someone who just got a commission it's great"- Anonymous

"Supporting Schpog on any site, Patreon or otherwise, is a no brainer (I can confirm this as I have no brain). Your only regret in pledging to Schpog today is that you didn't do it sooner."- Dim Pixel


Support & Extra Content

Do you enjoy my content and want more? Then please consider supporting me (and my partner) on Patreon! Your support will be greatly rewarded, with discounts, several weekly posts (depending on your tier), seeing over 90% of my content earlier and even with little thank you sketches, if you're a special supporter.The prices for the tiers start very low, so if you're unsure if it's for you we'd recommend just trying it out for a month and see if it's for you.Currently our prices start at 1€ for general support/one single SFW post a month, 2€ for weekly posts incl. some NSFW pictures, and 3,50€ for extra pregnancy related weekly content.If you have never used Patreon, are still unsure and/or would like a more personal recommendation, you can read what our Patrons say on the here.

Tarot Cards

Painting, Design + handmade manufactoring with glitter foil

Illustration for companies

& product design illustration

...and many more possibilities!


possibilities outside my packages

Do you have something in mind that's not listed on my page? Just contact me her or at schpog.preg[at]gmail.com! My partner and me are always up for special projects.

Children's Illustration

For children's books & homepages

Please Read:

  • If you want a very specific pose, please provide a pose reference (photo, artwork or even a stick figure will do!)

  • Please write your commission inquiry on point or simple English, since English isn't my first language. Texts over 250 words can carry additional processing charge (1€/minute).

  • Portraits are usually cheaper. Fullbody can be more expensive (depending on the pose and details)

  • One simple prop like a not detailed table, chair, bottle, etc. is included.

  • More complex props, more complex backgrounds, very detailed clothing carry additional costs.

  • It's very helpful to send me reference pics of my own pictures if your commission should look like one of them.

  • If there is no reference for your character(s) additional costs will accrue (more info).

  • If there are more characters interacting or a special design is required (like a cover artwork), additional costs for composing might accrue.

  • Payment is always upfront. If it’s a big commission that takes a while, 50/50 is alright, too!

  • Only payment will completely guarantee your slot.

  • It can take up to 8 weeks from payment to the finished picture, depending on expense & waiting list. If you’re looking for a quicker commission, please order one in my livestream.

  • With traditional painting changes after the pic is finished are often not possible. If the painting is digital, one set of small changes after receiving the picture or inbetween step is for free. Every other change costs additional +25€ excl. taxes (unless stated otherwise or if the mistake was on me)

  • Change extra fees can not be discounted.

  • I reserve the right to refuse every commission I’m not comfortable with and to use the commission for my portfolio / my trading cards / post the commission on my media (except when you bought exclusive rights). However, I can share your work anonymously if you want.

  • If you want full privacy for your commissioned artwork (meaning that I don't share it in my portfolio or any social medias), this can be obtained for additional 50% of the initial price.

license Info

  • A small distribution license (printing on >100 mugs, children books, posters, etc + posting on commercial homepages) is 99€.

  • For exclusive license rights (you own the full image, you can do whatever you want with it, you can reproduce it as often as you want, I’m not allowed to use or post it anywhere) please ask for further information. Full commercial licenses start at 500€.

terms & conditions

(the usual small print stuff)

Upon ordering a commissioned work from Sarah Nieves, hereby known as "SapphicBump" and "Schpog", client agrees to the following:I. Scope of Work Commissioned
Artist and Client expressly agree that the artwork to be created by Artist pursuant to Client’s specifications shall be limited to, unless modified in a writing signed by both parties, an artwork payed for, hereafter known as “the Work”.
Artist agrees that the Assets shall be of first class quality, artistically produced, with aesthetic content technically correct and of a quality equal to current standards for Assets of similar character and purpose.
II. Deadlines and Completion
Upon receipt of Client’s specifications pursuant to Section I, which Client agrees are true and complete at the time of execution of this Agreement, Artist agrees to complete the Work upon the following schedule:
In-between (40) days days following the payment, unless other deadline agreements have been made.III. Rights Transferred
Artist and Client agree that the following rights shall be shared between Artist and Client upon receipt of full payment.
Including, but not limited to, the right to display digitally & analogue.If no additional license is obtained, this excludes the right to modify, transmit, transfer, sell and create derivative works to Work to Client.Excluding the right to authorship credit, which is retained by Artist.IV. Compensation
The Client shall pay Artist via PayPal as compensation for the Work project. Payment shall be made as follows:
100% within (5) days after contract.or50% within (5) days after contract if the costs are higher than 150€ in total and the remaining 50% within (5) days after receiving the finished Work.Additional fees will be charged for revisions that are not due to any fault on the part of the Artist made after (2) minor changes, and for revisions reflecting a new direction to the assignment, or new conceptual input.V. Termination/Kill Fee
Client may terminate this Agreement at any time by sending written notice thereof to Artist at the address provided herein. Upon such termination, Client agrees to compensate Artist as follows:
(1) Partial Completion. If Artist has partially completed the Work, Client agrees to compensate Artist for their hourly wage (80€/h) or 50% of the total initial agreed price. If this Agreement is terminated by Client after Partial Completion by Artist, Artist shall retain ownership of all rights of copyright and the original artwork, including but not limited to completed artwork, sketches, and comps.(2) Full Completion. If Artist has completed the finished artwork at the time of cancellation, Client agrees to compensate Illustrator in full as otherwise provided in this Agreement.If the Artist has not started the Work upon Cancellation the Client agrees to pay a Cancellation handling fee of 5€.VI. Non-Payment; Remedies
Any delinquent payments due shall bear interest at the highest applicable statutory rate in any jurisdiction in which the Agreement is made. If no such statutory rate applies, payment delinquencies shall bear interest at a rate of two and one-half percent (2.5%) per month. Client agrees that it shall bear responsibility for any fees incurred by Artist in enforcing this Agreement, including but not limited to attorneys’ fees and court costs.
VII. A) Artist's Right to Authorship Credit
Artist may use Work in Artist's portfolio (including, but not limited to, any website that displays Artist's works). When asked, Client must properly identify Artist as the creator of Work. Client does not have a proactive duty to display Artist's name together with Work, but Client may not seek to mislead others that Work was created by anyone other than Artist.
VII. B) Privacy
With a fee of 50% of the original price, Artist agrees to not follow their right of VII. A) to use the Work for their portfolio or in any other display manner.
VIII. Severability; Integration
Client and Artist agree that this Agreement shall not be amended except by a writing executed by both parties, and expressly state that this writing shall constitute a complete expression of the entire agreement between the parties, and that no additional terms exist that are not included herein. To the extent any provision contained in this Agreement shall be found to be void, invalid, or otherwise unenforceable in any way, such invalidity shall not affect the remainder of this Agreement, which shall remain in full force and effect.
IX. Unauthorized Use by Client; Indemnity
Client agrees to indemnify Artist against any and all claims and expenses, including but not limited to attorneys’ fees and costs, incurred as a result of Client’s unauthorized use of the Work under this Agreement, including the enforcement of this Agreement by Artist.
X. Warranty of Originality
Illustrator represents and warrants to Client that, to the best of Artist’s knowledge and belief, the Work assigned by this Agreement is original and has not been previously published or licensed to any third party. This warranty shall not extend to any unauthorized or undisclosed use of the Work by Client which may infringe upon the rights of any other person. Client agrees that it shall hold Artist harmless for any claim or liability caused by Client’s use of Artist’s product to the extent such use infringes upon the rights of any other person.
XI. Release of Liability
Client agrees that it shall not hold Artist or any agent thereof liable for any damages arising from Artist’s failure to complete the Work in a timely manner, regardless of whether such failure was caused by intentional or negligent acts or omissions of Illustrator or of any third party.


Outside Livestreams

(These are currently only possible for 120€+ commissions!)

  • Check my possibilities on this page.

  • Fill out this form. If you have a very specific pose in mind, please provide a reference picture or a stick figure drawing!

  • I will provide some further information (how long it will take, if certain wishes change the price). Once we agree, I will send you an invoice to your paypal address.

  • If you paid for Ti, TC, DC2-G or other high cost commissions, I will provide you a sketch you can approve or influence.

  • Once it’s done you will get the commission as a high quality digital file!

Please Note:
Commissions outside Livestreams can take up to 6 weeks after payment.

Inside livestreams

  • Let me or my mod Glasmond/Rose know that you’re interested (you can state your interest at any time, though your chances of getting a free slot are higher at the beginning of the livestream)

  • If there are still free slots for the livestream, fill out this form. If you have a very specific pose in mind, please provide a reference picture or a stick figure drawing!

  • Glasmond/Rose will provide some further information, if there is any. Once you agree, she will send you an invoice to your paypal address.

  • I will start with your commission once it’s your turn and paid.

  • I will do everyone's sketches first, digitalization/shading later or outside stream. Bigger commissions (TC & DC2-G) will only be started in livestream under your guidance, and then finished outside the stream.

  • Once it’s done you will get the commission as a high quality digital file! Usually it will be sent after stream, but when there are many commissions it can take up to three days on weekends.

PWYW Stream Commissions

In “PWYW” (pay what you want) sketch commissions, everyone is allowed to throw in multiple requests, and I sketch those I feel like I can do well or quickly. If I did yours and you like it, you can donate whatever feels good to you (at least 5€ though). You can also donate even if it’s not your request. When I notice a sketch gets many donations, I will work a little more on it. Everyone who donates gets all the requests & warm up sketches from the current stream sent to via email before they will be posted!

  • Minimum donation amount is 5€. You can donate here.

  • Paying before you got your request done will not ensure you getting the request! It’s a lucky game, not a commission waiting list!

  • If you have absolutely no idea how much you should pay, an adequate amount is usually between 10-30€.

  • If you like any of my sketches, you can always commission me to upgrade them! Upgrades are starting at only 25€.


If you have any questions, a specific inquiry or want to book an exclusive livestream, you can contact me here.You can also send me a mail at schpog.preg[at]gmail[dot]com.

About Sarah Nieves / Schpog

Welcome to my little homepage!
If you want to know a bit more about me, you came to the right place.
I'm Schpog, I live in Munich/Germany with my partner Glasmond and my dogs and my main job is being an illustrator. I love everything sapphic.

❤ hobbies & love

drawing, cartoons, the 13th doctor, coffee, nature, photography, women, donna noble, my girlfriend, watching artsy movies, diversity, chubby bodies

❤ Favorite Series & Movies

the owl house, star trek tng, kill la kill, doctor who, futurama, gravity falls, alien, paranorman, wander over yonder, inuyasha

❤ Favorite games

bioshock, zelda botw, zelda twilight princess, limbo, witcher 3, portal 1+2

My OCs


Ravis is my OC from a dystopian world, where most humans are mutated to some degree. She's the pirate captain of a space ship, fierce and aggressive, indestructible and around 1,40m smol. She's cis female, but doesn't really behave heteronormative and is very bisexual & poly.




Gwenbari isn't technically my OC but my girlfriends, but I hold her dear, too, and often draw her. Since people ask for references of her sometimes and we have great fanarts to share, I found it fitting to write about her, too.She's a travelling dwaven merchant and loves wine, maiden & gold. She's has a husband, but other than that, she prefers ladies of all races. In a pinch paid ones will do, too.You can read two comics of her for free here!